I wish to apply for the toll exemption tickets for vehicle registration

1.a) If your vehicle is through mobility, please upload a copy of your mobility hire agreement.

1.b) If you are the owner of your vehicle, please upload copy of your entitlement summary OR certificate OR PIP AND a copy of your vehicle registration document (V5) OR confirmation of registration details.

2. The tickets/exemption are only valid whilst you, the disabled person are in the vehicle. If you, the disabled person, are not in the vehicle, full payment must be made online or at the toll booth.

3. The tickets are only valid for the tax-exempt vehicle whose registration number appears on the ticket/exemption. They are not transferable to any other vehicle, even a temporary replacement

4. Failure to notify the Humber Bridge Board of a change to your vehicle registration may result in violation charges.

5. The tickets cannot be used in connection with a business.

6. Tickets are only valid if the exemption certificate/entitlement summary or mobility hire agreement is valid and in date. The Exemption certificate/entitlement summary is usually required to be updated yearly. The Mobility hire agreement is usually required to be updated 3 yearly.

Please upload all the required supporting documentation here