During high winds we are, unfortunately, required to prohibit certain types of vehicles from crossing the bridge. This is purely in the interest of protecting all bridge users, staff, members of the public, and the structure itself.

Please refer to the following chart for all vehicles which cannot cross when wind restrictions are in effect.

Drivers of restricted vehicles should plan ahead and choose an alternative route for their journey. Restricted vehicles arriving at the bridge will be diverted off the bridge by staff.

There are variable message signs operated by Highways England, which warn of restrictions, on the approaches to the bridge. We will also provide updates via our social media, and local news organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

My vehicle is not high sided but I still cannot cross during high winds, why is this?

As shown in the chart above, we define at risk vehicles as both high-sided and wind vulnerable. This includes all vehicles which would be vulnerable to high winds or gusts. We have created the list alongside agencies such as the Road Haulage Association and Humberside Police.

The wind speed does not seem particularly high, why are these restrictions still in place?

Wind speed is just one factor that the Control team uses in the process of determining whether to put restrictions in place. Other factors include directionality, the chances of gusts, changeability of wind speed and direction, etc.