Overnight Maintenance Work 7th-8th May 2022

Motorists urged to leave more time for Humber Bridge maintenance work 

On the weekend of May 7th and 8th, we will be carrying out vital work to resurface areas of the southbound carriageway of the Humber Bridge. 

The work will begin at 6pm on Saturday, May 7th, and is planned to end around midmorning on Sunday and will be carried out using a contraflow starting at Hessle Tower and extending south to Barton anchorage. 

Although we have put a number of measures in place to ensure traffic disruption is kept to a minimum, it is likely there will still be some delays for any motorists who have to cross the bridge during these hours, especially on the Sunday morning

Therefore, we are urging motorists to allow extra time for their journey if you can’t avoid travelling at this time. 

The tag lanes will remain open for the duration of the work to minimise the impact on traffic. 

Andrew Arundel, Chief Operating Officer at the Humber Bridge, said: “The Bridge is more than 40 years old now and therefore needs to be regularly maintained to ensure it is kept in safe, working order. 

We recognise that works on the bridge cause disruption to road users and this is why we are carrying out this work at night on a weekend to minimise the impact. 

“We are also keeping the tag lanes open to ensure access to the bridge isn’t restricted. 

“But even with those measures in place, the contraflow will see traffic move more slowly across the bridge than usual, so please allow  extra time for your journey.” 

Although the work is scheduled to take place from 6pm on Saturday, May 7th, maintenance work on the Humber Bridge is weather dependent and there is a small possibility it may have to be cancelled at short notice and rearranged. 

For the latest updates on maintenance work, and all other news and announcements, check the Humber Bridge social media channels or website on a regular basis.

Humber Bridge may close on Friday, Feb 18 as winds forecast to top 80mph

There is a significant chance that the Humber Bridge will close to all traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists tomorrow (Friday, Feb 18) as the Met Office is forecasting winds in excess of 80mph.

Any closure will apply to both northbound and southbound carriageways and footpaths and will remain in place until the average wind speed falls below the 80mph threshold.

All motorists, pedestrians and cyclists that have no choice but to travel are advised to avoid the Humber Bridge in case of an emergency closure.

In the event of this happening, the Humber Bridge Board will advise when the bridge is to reopen at the earliest opportunity. For updates, check our social media channels and www.humberbridge.co.uk.

Councilor Sean Chaytor, Chair of the Humber Bridge Board, said: “The safety of Humber Bridge users and our staff is always our utmost priority and when wind speeds are consistently high, we have no choice but to consider either a partial or full closure of the bridge.

“At this point, it is impossible to say whether a closure will be needed, when it might happen, and how long it would last, but there is a significant possibility that closing the bridge either partially or
in full may occur at some point on Friday, during Storm Eunice.

“Our advice is that to avoid being caught up in any emergency closure, please avoid any unnecessary crossings while the winds remain hazardous.”

The Humber Bridge Board will work closely with the LRF and other partners to manage any closure of the bridge.

New tolling system will see the Humber Bridge go booth-free

The Humber Bridge Board is today announcing a major upgrade to the tolling system, which will significantly reduce crossing times. 

The upgrade, which will make crossings quicker and more reliable, will also spell the end of the toll booths.

The project is in the very early stages of development, but the first steps are underway with the Humber Bridge Board starting a procurement process for relevant consultants.

Although the booths will be removed, the new tolling system is likely to require more staff to work in the office, meaning the staff currently working in the booths will be offered a new role.

Councillor Sean Chaytor, who is Chair of the Humber Bridge Board, said: “The new system will have a huge, positive impact on crossing times, and with a brand new website dealing with payments, the whole experience of using the Humber Bridge will be significantly improved.”

Richard Hannigan, Deputy Chair of the Humber Bridge Board, added the upgrade would bring the north and south banks even closer together.

Cllr Hannigan, who is also Deputy Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “Being able to cross the bridge more quickly further opens up the opportunity for people to live on one side of the estuary and work on the other.

“All in all, it is great news for our region.”

Andrew Arundel, Chief Operating Officer of the Humber Bridge, said the project was in the very early stages and would take time to come to fruition.

He said: “We’re aware that motorists might be concerned that work will get underway soon, causing further disruption shortly after vital maintenance work to replace bearings at the Barton end of the bridge was completed.

“This is not the case. The system is in the early design stage and work on the bridge itself is unlikely to start for some time. For the time being, disruption to motorists and other users will be kept to a minimum.”

The new system will be designed to make payment easier, offering a variety of ways to pay to ensure everyone is accommodated, including those people who prefer not to pay online.

Humber Bridge to Close for Vital Maintenance

On a Saturday night in October, we will be closing the Humber Bridge completely to carry out vital maintenance work.

The exact date has yet to be decided and will be based on weather conditions, but as soon as we have identified the best weekend to carry out the work, we will let you know on here and on our social media channels.

The work includes changing two bearings at the Barton end of the bridge which connect the bridge deck to the towers and help carry the weight of the bridge and traffic.

The bearings also allow the bridge to move in response to the wind and temperature.

The work has been brought forward after we were hit by 80mph winds during Storm Ciara in February 2020. Since then, we have been carrying out inspections underneath the road deck to assess the damage caused by the storm.

This is why the cones have been in place for so long. However, within weeks of the work being completed, the cones will be removed.

The work will take place between 9pm and 7am to minimise disruption to motorists. It will also be closed to walkers and cyclists during these hours.

However, we will be making provision for emergency service vehicles that may need to cross the bridge during this time.

Anyone who needs to travel at that time will, unfortunately, have to go around the estuary. We would advise all non-essential journeys are rescheduled.

Please keep an eye on our website and social media for more information, including the date on which the work will take place.