The Board of the Humber Bridge comprises representatives of all four local unitary authorities serving East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, plus two people nominated by the Humber LEP.  The Board meets every two months.

The Board for 2019-20 is as follows:

Cllr Gary McMaster, East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Cllr Sean Chaytor, (Chair) Hull City Council
Stanley Shreeve
Cllr Stanley Shreeve, N E Lincolnshire Council
Cllr Richard Hannigan
Cllr Richard Hannigan, (Deputy Chair) North Lincolnshire Council
Lord Haskins, Humber Local Enterprise Partnership
Peter Drenon Local Enterprise Partnership





Board Business

Meeting Papers

Agenda 26.07.19

Agenda 21.06.19

Agenda 31.05.19

Agenda 24.04.19

Agenda 12.04.19

Agenda 21.12.18

Agenda 19.10.18

Agenda 17.08.18

Agenda 15.06.18

Agenda 20.04.18

Agenda 16.02.18

Agenda 15.12.17

Agenda 27.10.17


Minutes 24.04.19

Minutes 12.04.19

Minutes 15.02.19

Minutes 21.12.18

Minutes 19.10.18

Minutes 17.08.18

Minutes 15.06.18

Minutes 20.04.18

Minutes 16.02.18

Minutes 15.12.17

Minutes 27.10.17

Corporate Documents

Statement of Accounts 16-17  – 01.09.17

Standing Orders – 2018

Standing Orders 2019

HBB Byelaws