Congratulations to our winner and runner-up!


Judges’ Comments: This is an extremely impressive design, and clearly a lot of work and love has gone into it. As a well as creating an impressive model, Jacob has put a lot of thought into how such a bridge would be accessible for all that use it, as well as considering other important matters such as the environment, tourism, and the history of the region.


Judges’ Comments: Whilst Kaitlin’s simple but effective approach may be more reminiscent of the Humber Bridge than other entries, it is backed by such lovely attention to detail. The road markings, road signs, and warning lights for aeroplanes show a lot of care went into the design. The model is a suspension bridge in miniature – freestanding without an external aid, sturdy in appearance, and most importantly made from recycled materials.

The Humber Bridge Model Bridge Building Contest ran from 1st August 2022 until the end of November 2022.

We invited local schools, children, and families to design a new crossing across the Humber Estuary. When it was first built the Humber Bridge was the longest single-span bridge in the world and was cited by some as “the eighth wonder of the world”.

The model bridge could be created out of anything – sticks, cardboard, or even Lego! As long as the model is free-standing and at least 30cm/11.8 inches long, the sky was the limit!