Humber Bridge may close on Friday, Feb 18 as winds forecast to top 80mph

There is a significant chance that the Humber Bridge will close to all traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists tomorrow (Friday, Feb 18) as the Met Office is forecasting winds in excess of 80mph.

Any closure will apply to both northbound and southbound carriageways and footpaths and will remain in place until the average wind speed falls below the 80mph threshold.

All motorists, pedestrians and cyclists that have no choice but to travel are advised to avoid the Humber Bridge in case of an emergency closure.

In the event of this happening, the Humber Bridge Board will advise when the bridge is to reopen at the earliest opportunity. For updates, check our social media channels and

Councilor Sean Chaytor, Chair of the Humber Bridge Board, said: “The safety of Humber Bridge users and our staff is always our utmost priority and when wind speeds are consistently high, we have no choice but to consider either a partial or full closure of the bridge.

“At this point, it is impossible to say whether a closure will be needed, when it might happen, and how long it would last, but there is a significant possibility that closing the bridge either partially or
in full may occur at some point on Friday, during Storm Eunice.

“Our advice is that to avoid being caught up in any emergency closure, please avoid any unnecessary crossings while the winds remain hazardous.”

The Humber Bridge Board will work closely with the LRF and other partners to manage any closure of the bridge.